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Welcome to DDRSA...


This is the official site of the Darling Downs Regional Swimming Association. Our association was established by Queensland Swimming as one of seven regions to represent the swimming clubs defined by the geographical boundaries set out by Queensland Swimming. The Association has a Management Committee with various subcommittees, which report back to the Management Committee on a regular basis.

Refer to the Management Contact page for contact details on both the Management committee and the various subcommittees.


The objectives of the association are:                                                                                                                                                                                              

To administer the sport of swimming within the region by providing athletes with development, education and participation programs and providing                           

officials with programs for the development of knowledge of various aspects of swimming.                            

To promote swimming as an enjoyable experience, by nurturing and encouraging swimmers to obtain their goals in a safe environment.



This site was established to allow anyone interested in swimming a chance to find out what is happening within the Darling Downs Region and to create a means by which the association can inform its members of any new information about what is happening within the Darling Downs Region.